This softawre is based on Standard Data book for analysis of Rates for Road and Bridge. INPUT- Input the usage rates of Plant & Machinery, labour and material as applicable. Worksheet- 6: CHAPTER-6 CEMENT CONCRETE PAVEMENTS. Standard Data Book for Anallsis of Rates P-1 - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. IRC SDB MoRTH Standard Data Book Roads Bridges. Uploaded. Copy of Standard+Data+Book+(Road++Bridge)_MORTHEXCEL. Download link MORTH specification 5 th revision Related post link Morth Data xls and Pdf. Indian Practical Civil Engineers Handbook Pdf by

Morth Data Book

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MORTH-StandardDataBook PDF Copy of Standard+Data+Book+( Road++Bridge)_MORTHEXCEL MORTH Specification 5 th. This softawre is based on Standard Data book for analysis of Rates for Road and achieve the desired compaction as per MoRTH specification clause No. This SOR is based on Standard Data book for analysis of Rates for Road and Bridge achieve the desired compaction as per MoRTH specification clause No.

The market can be explored to meet such requirements. Some of major steel producing firms have evolved thermo-mechanically treated steel 5 which has enhanced strength, better corrosion resistance, ductility, weld ability and high temperature thermal resistance.

MORTH 5 th revision & Standard DATA Book xls

Enquiries from these firms can be made on technical specifications and use of such products considered in works based on performance in works where these have already been used. Provision of fly ash has been made in embankment construction, sub-base construction and in cement concrete pavement The Standard Data Book is for Department use only.

In case it is decided to include the following items, and their maintenance in the BOQ, the scope and specifications should be worked out and defined in a detailed manner in the tender document to avoid any dispute during execution. Site residential accommodation for Engineer and other supervisory staff. Providing and maintaining vehicle for the Engineer.

Overhead charges The overhead charges include the following elements: 1. Site accommodation, setting up plant, access road, water supply, electricity and general site arrangements 2. Office furniture, equipment and communications 3. Expenditure on: a Corporate office of contractor b Site supervision c Documentation and "as built" drawings 4. Labour camps with minimum amenities and transportation to work sites 6. Light vehicles for site supervision including administrative and managerial requirements 7.

Laboratory equipment and quality control including field and laboratory testing 8. Watch and ward Traffic management during constructor Expenditure on safeguarding environment Sundries Financing Expenditure Contractor's Profit Contractor's profit has been taken uniformly as 10 percent, over the cost of items including overhead charges.

The rates for material and labour are to be obtained from local authorities for the area where the project is located. These charges are applicable for the base year For subsequent years, these are required to be escalated depending upon the market situation.

In the analysis of rates, for any items of work, capacity of equipment with corresponding output has been indicated which is most common in use for estimation purpose.

Seeing the volume of job, different capacity equipment with corresponding output as indicated in Chapter can be provided for preparing the estimate. Materials The rates of material should include basic cost at crushing units, cost of carriage including loading and unloading and stacking of material at site of work and shall be determined through market enquiries.

One mate has been provided for 25 labourers. Carriage of Materials The unit for vehicle for carriage has been taken as under: a In hours where lead is defined including time required for loading and un-loading. The loading and un-loading for such case, are to be have been provided separately. General Bridge bearing and expansion joints are ready made items commercially produced by specialized firms and in certain cases using imported technology and parts.

The rates of these items are to be obtained directly from different manufacturers approved by the Ministry and shall be adopted after comparison.

Normal method of curing has been covered in the schedule. Analysis for steam curing has been included in the analysis of pre-cast concrete PSC beams.

The testing of materials and finished items of work is covered under overhead charges. Traffic arrangements during construction are covered under overhead charges.

Provisions of a temporary division, where required shall be governed by Clause For innovative type of structures like cable stayed bridges, suspension bridges, arch bridges, bow string girder bridges, erected by innovative techniques where errection stage is as important as the construction of bridge components in terms of input of machinery, manpower and materials, special analysis is called for. The items do not cover all components of bridge projects for all situations.

Road Transport Year Book : 2013-14 and 2014-15

There may be specialized items for specific cases, which need to be analysed keeping in view the basic approach. Guide Bund The items for the guide bund are excavation, embankment and protection works.

The rates for these items may be taken from the respective chapters. In case bridge construction works are to be done on wide and deep water channels in major rivers or in sea creeks etc. Analysis for sinking of wells cover diameters from 6 m to 12 and Twin D Type of size 12 m x 6 m.

For other shapes like rectangular or any other size, the rates of sinking may be worked out on pro-rata basis. The lift for casting of concrete in well steining may be 2 to 2.

Standard data book for rate analysis of road and bridges

Chapter-1 Carriage of Materials Preamble: 1. The provision of tipper has been made in hours where lead is known like disposal of the materials upto m.

In case where lead is variable like carriage of hot mix or concrete mix from plants or earth from borrow areas, provision has been made in terms of tonne-kilometer t-km , which can be adopted as per actual conditions.

Provision has been made for a tractor trolley instead of tipper where dismantled materials of sorts or material having more volume as compared with weight are required to be transported. This arrangement will be economical. Unlike flexible have worked on the design and cost analysis of rigid pavement which transfer load by grain to grain pavements and concluded that rigid pavements may contact they transfer load by slab action.

At present be economical under certain conditions. Methodology Concrete pavements could not be provided in large IRC: 58 [1] which use finite element analysis of number due to problems like more initial cost of pavement slab has been used for designing thickness construction, lack of stage construction, lack of of the pavement.

Cost estimation has been done expertise and slow progress of construction. The a cement concrete road has the advantage of having rates of labour, materials and machinery have been more life, less maintenance and vehicle operation adopted as applicable in Kurukshetra, Haryana as per cost.

The life cycle cost of a cement concrete norms of Public Works Development. The cement is less 3. The sub- negatively affects our economy. The slow progress of base is taken as mm Dry Lean Concrete DLC work in case of rigid pavements has been overcome in below which mm Granular Sub base GSB layer recent past with the availability of more and more is provided which serves the purpose of drainage numbers of slip form pavers that are used in layer.

The shoulders are taken as earthen shoulders. In the last The design life of pavement is taken as 30 years with decade we have developed reasonably good expertise annual growth rate of CVs as 7.

Slab Size is taken as well in the construction of cement concrete roads. The percentage of future.

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The axle load spectrum with frequency of CVPD. The design and cost estimation of a rigid different axle loads of single, tandem and tridem axle pavement has been taken up in this paper for varying is assumed the same as given in IRC [1].

All rights reserved. M grade pavement quality cement concrete this paper.

The elastic modulus of concrete is taken as in table 4.B Clayey soil 9m dia. Construction of precast RCC railing of M30 Grade, aggregate size not exceeding 12 mm, true to line and grade, tolurence of vertical RCC post not to Compression Seal Joint Providing and laying of compression seal joint consisting of steel armoured nosing at two edges of the joint gap suitably anchored to the deck Excavated WBM should be screened to segregate metal from moorum before re-use.

The rate for this item is available in the chapter 11 on horticulture.

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